Auditing and Compliance for Retailers: Managing Anti-Bribery Policies


Any retail compliance officer, trying to maintain the integrity of an anti-bribery policy, is painfully aware of the issues involved with keeping both employees and suppliers alike compliant. As the company grows to have lots of stores or locations, this headache can quickly progress to a migraine.

The increasing amount of audits and reporting necessary can very easily become too cumbersome to manage, and if they happen to still be relying on an old paper-based system, they may start to think that another career might be simpler – like lion taming or nuclear physics.

Auditors: Be Aware of Games People Play To Derail The Audit Process

game_in_businessThere are various tactics that auditees can use to slow down or stop the audit process. For you, the auditor, this can be extremely frustrating. The key is to be one step ahead by either implementing your own tactics to avoid the delays in the first place, or knowing how to handle them.

The purpose of this article is to educate auditors on how to successfully navigate obstacles and roadblocks, that can cause delays to the audit process.